Areas of Practice

Personal Injuries

Come in for a free consultation regarding your personal injury claim. For decades Rick Smith has been helping injured clients get fair treatment from insurance companies. We will deal with the insurance company for you. We will represent you in connection with your personal injury whether it arises from an automobile accident, animal bite, a slip and fall, or a work related injury caused by a third party. We will vigorously represent you in dealing with insurers, help you gather your medical records and proof, help you deal with your medical providers, and make sure the insurer pays for all your losses and injuries.

Free Consultation for all personal injury claims. Call now 360-692-5566

Business Transactions

We can help you form single and multi-owner corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, buy and sell businesses and, when necessary, represent you in civil litigation of business disputes.

We can help you with the paperwork for secured and unsecured loan transactions, and can help you resolve disputes arising from such transactions.

Real Estate

We can help you buy and sell real estate, deal with foreclosures, leases, landlord and tenant disputes and evictions, road and utility easements, water systems and agreements, road maintenance agreements, covenants, view easements, adverse possession, boundary line disputes and quieting title when ownership is disputed.

Estate Planning and Probate

We can prepare your Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney and can represent you in the practical details of resolving Estate issues including the Probate of your Estates.